If I could read only one book in my life, I’d choose The Notebook

  Book - The Notebook Author - Nicholas Sparks Publisher - Sphere Book Reviewed by - Virendra Soni Review- A very heart-touching and moving story of Noah and Allie. This is an intensely romantic book - a novel about the everlasting power of true love.  Of all the romance books I've ever read, I found The Notebook  the …


A Flower 

"She has become a flower kept in books. Fascinating others. Withering herself." – Virendra Soni

Book Review: “Every Time It Rains” (Nikita Singh)

Book - Every Time It Rains Author - Nikita Singh Publisher - HarperCollins Publishers Book Reviewed by - Virendra Soni Review- Every Time It Rains is a sequel to Nikita Singh's last book Like A Love Song. The previous book was narrated from Maahi's prospect while this book is narrated from Laila's. I found the first half of …

2 Yards

The only punishment he wishes​ to get for loving her, To find 2 yards in the cemetery on the day of their separation. 😊 -Virendra Soni Also read: Words